Troubleshooting Beveled/Tapered Cuts

I don’t use fusion anymore. in sheetcam you can set pierce height and also cut height. My hyp 65 xp calls for .200 pierce height and .08 cut hight. I find it to work better at .15 pierce and .06 cut. My pierce delay also needs to be longer than hyp recommends. You can tell on certain material when its not piercing long enough bc you’ll get a quick spark above table that travels far, and you can hear it really.

the IHS is tied into the parameters for pierce height. Unless FC has a factory standard I honestly don’t know. As for how high the torch lifts up after a cut that is a default setting.

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i’d like to know if IHS can be calibrated also, my IHS is off. i have to set my cut height at .042" to get .060" on the torch.

i’ve also sound that if i manually enter the voltage in THC per hypertherms cut charts it cuts much better on the thicker material.

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thats good to know, I’m going to check my torch height today. I think that .020 is for bounce back. Not sure though

so if you manually enter voltage, that isn’t using the smart voltage?

If you manually enter it it will adjust torch height based on that value not what the THC thinks it should be. I think the smartvoltage values are close to the book values but I’d rather get it right the first time. Especially with how ridiculous steel prices are right now. I’m just a home fabrimicator and most of my parts are cut from scraps I get from my work. I cant afford to cut things multiple times.

Thats good to know. I may play around with it. However I currently dont use my 65amp full blast. For one Im still using the shallow water table. My new table I built I ran into plumbing issues, so having to redo the drainage. Its just seems like the arc bends too much on some parts and I think its bc its dang near hitting the bottom of the water pan. So I run 63 amps on my 3/16 material, 64 on 1/4 and 52 amps on 11g. I got the speeds setup pretty good, usually little to no dross on the back of most parts.

yes metal prices have went up alot and it really hurts for me. I buy 2k lb of it a month. My supplier is pretty big and supplies alot of other mills around me, so I have to drive 100 miles to get it. If I got it anywhere else it would be close to 1.50 or more a lb. Back bf december I think I was paying .55 lb on some stuff. now its up to like .84 a lb.

Structural steel has almost double this year, pipe is up about 50%, even PVC has gone up 40 to 50%

I’m having troubles with my cuts now too. Have a razor cut 45 with Langmuir machine torch and mount. When cutting 10mm (3/8”) steel plate I’m getting no taper on the y axis but terrible taper on the x axis. Torch and gantry are perfectly square and taper is not consistent with out of square torch. Taper will be correct dimension on top side but larger on the bottom. (Always bigger on the bottom)
What is everyone’s thoughts?

Mine is doing the same thing on the x axis