Troubles cutting

Vipercut 30 not completing a file cutting. It gets to a point and stops cutting but still finishes the program. Original Crossfire table running sheet cam and mach3. New consumables, adjusted speed and torch height. I haven’t used my machine in a few months. I cleaned up the ground and clamped it directly to the part. My air is dry. I also took my torch head apart and all looks good in there. At first I tried a new file, setup as I normally would. I always use 14G steel, between 90-110 ips. I backed down to 80 ips. No change. Any help appreciated.

Is it random?

When it does stop cutting and continues on the program will it try to pierce on the next pierce of the program?

If you did a 30-in long straight cut would it be able to finish that?

does it die after 6 inches of cut 12 in a cut…?

Did you also try a old file afterwards? If so how did that go.

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I made a real generic file. A rectangle with an oval and circle inside.
This is it 3 different times.

What are your parameters?

What’s the torch height you’re running with this program?

Is your viper cut showing any indicator lights during the failure.
If you watch it instead of the cut.

I’ll leave a link for the manual for anyone running into this thread in the future.

And the air at the machine is staying up ( I know you said between 90 and 110) but is that during the cut, at the machine?

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The torch cuts off at about 4 seconds of cutting. 90 psi when it quits. Manual or through my crossfire.
I got super busy and am now just getting back to diagnosing.

Air coming to the plasma cutter 90 to 120. Air flow at 30 amps 60 to 65 psi. Torch height .050" to .060" max from tip to metal.