Trouble with leadin on letters

So Using Qcad I convert the letters to paths, but they still are uneditable in sheetcam. I’ve tried adding the text in sheetcam and it still wont let me edit the letters. When I convert it to paths the entire path becomes uneditable. I can delete and move individual letters, but I cannot (yet) alter the letters. And so another night of searching for answers begins.

You might search on the web for “converting text to paths”. I’ll bet you’ll find a ton of useful information, including a decent tutorial or two or more…

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that is why I like free Inkscape…real easy and lots and lots of video tutorials

I can convert the text to paths, But I haven’t figured out how edit the paths. Is this a free vs paid version difference?

With respect to what software are you asking? If it’s SheetCam…

You can’t edit paths in SheetCam, you need a tool like Inkscape.

This thread started with lead in problems in sheet cam. I can add text in sheetcam, but if the tool path is wrong, I cannot edit it? That seems silly. Regardless, I haven’t had any luck altering the path in qcad or inkscape either.

Sheetcam is not a design software. While it has shapes and text you can add, it makes sense that you can’t edit the lines and arcs, because sheetcam is for generating the code that drives the machine along the path.

I figured out how to go back to Qcad and make the adjustments. Lets call this topic closed.