Trouble with Fusion 360 files that have been made with flange

I have made models using Fusion 360 sheet metal. Basic parts and added flanges using Fusion’s easy sheet metal tools. I can then use the Manufacturing section of Fusion and create the G code successfully in Fusion. However, If I try to save the Fusion model files as a DXF and then use Sheetcam, the parts do not come out right. Any suggestions?
Thanks, JoeO

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Why would you export from fusion 360 and then use sheetcam for CAM?

Fusion 360 has a pretty decent CAM environment. Do you have some special requirements for your tool paths?

Post your DXF.

You exported it from your flat pattern from the sheet metal workspace?

I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was in the sheet metal workspace, and was exporting the information using the file, export as dxf series of commands instead of the “export flat pattern as dxf” single command on the top toolbar. Works well when done correctly. I have used both Fusion and Sheetcam to prepare the G code. Each one works OK for me when done correctly. I was just checking the dxf files to be sure they were Ok, as I was thinking of posting some work that had design bends onto the Langmuire fileshare area. Thanks for replying.

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