Trouble scaling in fusion

I have modified a logo in Inkscape and opened it in fusion, but now I can’t move or scale the logo to make it larger, does anyone have any ideas where I’m going wrong? I can’t see any constraints

What color are the lines?

Select the whole part, it should turn blue. Then right click on the part (on an open area, NOT on one of the dots). Then select “fix/unfix”. After that you should be able to move/scale as usual. I’m very new to this, but it seems to only do that to me when I save the image as SVG in Inkscape, then open in Fusion. If I save as a DXF, I don’t have that issue

The easiest way I have found to scale svg after import in fusion 360 is to go ahead and extrude the model. Then you can use the embedded scale, move, rotate functions in Fusion. it’s not a perfect method but it has saved me from redoing a whole drawing more than once when I realized things needed to be bigger.

Okay thanks for the help!

When you do the selection Fusion defaults to face. Change it to object! makes it easier to scale/move.

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