Trouble generating tool path

Good evening everyone. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem,
In fusion 360, I am trying to create a tool path, it is on a drawing I have previously create a tool path for but had to do some adjustments due to some problems with how it cut. Anyhow, when I go through setting everything up, and click “ok” it will only generate up to 30% ish. Finally after a long time waiting, it will stop trying and pop up with an error that says there is not enough memory. Has anyone had this problem? Like I said, I had done this drawing before and it worked fine.

I had problems tonight also fusion was dead ass slow took for ever and I just gave up.

Thanks John, I wondered if that had something to do with it

Once again I’m having trouble generating a tool path. It sits at 88% complete and I’ve tried it over and over again for a couple days. Gonna be tough making a buck at this rate. Does anyone else have an on going problem with this? It’s gerting very frustrating as I’ve tried googling answers, changing internet connections, tried it over and over at all hours of the day with no luck whatsoever. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated, my table is close to useless as it is right now

Rather than diddle around wasting time trying to figure out why this happens I just break my toolpath into 2 or 3 individual ones (but still under the same Setup so they generate into a single .tap file).

I generally take the approach of doing one for outside cuts, one for larger inside cuts and one for lines where I will be cutting on the line. That also allows me to tailor lead-in/lead-out values. If I have very small cutouts that don’t support lead-ins I’ll break those into another toolpath.

It’s a clean approach and I no longer hit the issue where it doesn’t generate a toolpath very often.

Great idea James!!! Thankyou for that, I extruded the piece I need to cut so I will see if I can still break it up in different tool paths or not. I feel a little silly not thinking to try that before