Trouble creating a tool path

I am new to fusion 360 or any design software other than pen and paper.
I’m having a lot of trouble making a tool path with this design. I can get everything to cut correctly except the RZR. I cant get it to create a tool path for that part. any help is appreciated.

Are those letters about half an inch high?
It may not want to generate a tool path because it doesn’t think there’s enough room for the lead in/ lead out that’s been selected. Once you post a few more things on here and are allowed to upload a file you could export and upload your f3d file from fusion 360. I could check for sure.
But from the looks of the picture that file should be fully cutable.

thank you i changed the lead in, lead out and kerf and it worked

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With some files in Fusion I’ve changed lead-ins and outs, etc and still won’t get a fully generated sim cut-out. Just get the error messages. I put the file in Sheetcam and all works out fine. I’m almost done with the manufacturing section in Fusion in regards to plasma cutting.