Trouble contacting Langmuir?

Hi guys, I just placed an order this week and really having a hard time trying to communicate with anyone in the company or get anybody on the phone to answer some questions, has anybody else had these issues? Almost feels like the company is non existent. Any advice or contacts? Im really taken aback at the whole situation. I was only to able to get a generic simple response off facebook earlier this week but thats its… i just spent $3k+ and feel like i was just taken advantage of.

I’ve found them to be pretty responsive. They’re a small team delivering big on new products. If you have a problem I’m confident they’ll get it resolved.

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Send them an email they will get back with you after I purchased the unit from them I had a concern and called them they picked up the phone right away. However that was before all of this COVID crap started. Heck I cannot talk to a real person and Comcast right now all correspondence has to be by chat and I hate that. They will get back with you

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Hello, I just read through the back forth Facebook messages between you and Aksel. While he should definitely be in contact with you (I will talk to him about this because it is not right), I can tell you that there is nothing that can be done about your particular grievance. The date and time that you place your order dictates your spot in line with respect to delivery dates (which were recently switched from June to July). We send many invoices out on a weekly basis, and simply receiving one does not lock in your spot in line.

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You placed your order during a worldwide catastrophe with unheard of curtailment in business and you think it is business as usual ? Their totality of conduct on this forum has shown that their staff has been extremely supportive.

I would like to amend my comment above and disqualify myself as someone sitting in the bleachers and probably shouldn’t presume any of the facts. Cabin fever made me type that at face value


I’m not here to argue or question conduct Walter, I’m here to get a call from langmuir. When i spend $3k-$4k and their site says they are fully functional, any reasonable customer including those with hurting businesses like my self, expect a call back.

As a new customer and new to this forum , i personally cannot attest to their service and support, yet. But i appreciate the support from the members.

Open a support ticket for quickest response. Langmuir reps may reply to Facebook, Instagram, and other means of communication, but the support ticket is by far the best and quickest way to communicate.

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