Trouble Again with FireShare .dxf

This is probably an easy fix for you guys who have been doing this for awhile. I downloaded the “Stars and Stripes Gun” The only problem I have is doing the 2D profile setup. When I goto the geometry tab and click on the lines, some of the lines are not grouped and I have to click on each one individually. This only happens in the lines in the grip area. Sorry once again for something that seems so simple.


I’ve looked at that file before and it has a few broken lines and open paths. I’ll have a look at it again and try to fix it.

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On a different project when I do the 2D and the geometry set-up, I’m having problems. After completing the 2D, and when I finish, a warning shows up saying that one of the paths was not completed due to constraints. Don’t know how to fix that one either. It shows that I have clicked on the line and said whether to cut inside or out, so I don’t know what’s going on with that one.

This happened to me recently. Is it happening with the stars? It could be your lead in or lead out or both are to large for the shape of the star. With mine I adjusted the leads and then it worked? I’m as green as they come so there are I’m sure many others that can help you but you may try that.

Sorry just realized you said it was a different project. Anyway if it’s a small shape you are cutting that’s giving you that error it’s still possible that’s the issue.

Extruding your sketch to create a body will help simplify the selection process in the 2d profile menu.

This is a dirty file I can see why you would have issue if you were trying to create cam from sketch

here is the setting I used and it was able not to skip any geometry.

Stars Stripes Pistol clean.dxf (60.1 KB)
here is a cleaner DXF


Thanks once again @TinWhisperer for the help. It is greatly appreciated…

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