Trial vs full version

My understanding is that the only difference is the amount of lines of code? - how complex of a shape can you cut without the full version??

This file is 676 lines of code. But you will run out guaranteed. File is off center because im not hooked to the controler.

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I will be cutting stuff this complex… so i guess that answers my question

Whoa. I would have guessed way more. Like 10X more :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get anything done with the base version. I had to upgrade to cut my first part

@jamesdhatch Whoa. I would have guessed way more. Like 10X more :slight_smile:

Yeah looks like it should be more odd, it’s a file I wrote for a machine at work just haven’t had the time to convert to Mach3

I had no problem doing some very basic designs like a bottle opener but as soon as i added lettering to it mine went way over it

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That is what i figured.

Me too, I was kind of in awe of how easy it was to get up to 4-5k lines of code


So How Much Is Full Version, And For How Long Do You Get To Own the Software Once You Purchase It?

I believe it’s $175, and you own it indefinitely.

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