Trestle table in progress

This has been a cool project so far. Its going to have a live-edge slab as a stretcher and a black walnut river table top. With some geodes in the river. Kind of a LOTR elvish feel.


Here’s all the trestles tacked up. Boy I need to clean my gun liner. Lol


Dang man. That looks great, what a cool project, keep us posted.

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looks great cant wait to see the finished table

Don’t take this wrong it is a question, why did you tack the flat pcs from the front? Back welds would look cleaner with no grinding flush and would be cleaner?

I agree with you. I was going to do that. But it’s a flat piece on a curved plane. (I have no way to roll it cleanly) so I’m disguising that with a weld bead.


I’m actually thinking of putting a nice sil-bronze tig bead on those just for some subtle contrast and to pretty it up a bit. I’ll need to practice up a bit on my TIG brazing but it’d look good like that I think.