Travel speed in sheetcam?

Brand new to all of this, and working through a bug with the new table.

Workflow: NanoCAD to DXF → Sheetcam → FireControl

I am not sure all the terms here so I will describe what I would like to change.
If I have 2 holes I want to cut out of a plate, the speed that the machine jogs from one hole to the next. How do I change that speed? The cutting speed is fine.
I assume this is in the sheetcam set up, or would it be in the firecontrol?


Uh, you’re toast… It’s called Rapid Speed or Traverse speed and, from what I’ve seen recently, you can’t change it in FireControl.
However, since you’re using SheetCam it’s possible to modify the post Processor to change the G0 commands to G1 commands with a Feed Speed of your own.
What are you trying to accomplish with changing the speed between cuts?

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I will look into the G0 and G1 commands.

Not saying I am spot on here, but it seems that when I traverse at 400ipm one of my Y axis motors doesn’t spool up as fast as the other side and then the gantry binds. I haven’t noticed it at other speeds. It doesn’t happen all the time either. Been working with Langmuir on what might be going on, they have been great to deal with, thought this might be a bandaide until we get to the root issue

That is a very reasonable way to approach the matter. If it weren’t virtually on Christmas eve, I’d offer to help you with a one-off post processor. If you’re still stuck on Sunday, PM me, I’ll see what I can do.

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