Travel problems .falls short on both x and y

its like the gantry is not calibrated correctly .wont travel the whole table on jogging throws alarms

You need to provide way way more information
Think about what information you would need if you were trying to help someone!

Goog morning Knick lets see if i can explain this a whole lot better first looking at fire control panel the red outlined box i presume is the table outline .The two lines horizontal and verticle are off to the upper and left of the outlined box , If i manualy move the gantry within the outlined box then i can navigate the gantry for a limited space if I try to run the breakin program first the x axis stops at the left all the way to the limit switch but cant depress the limit switch because it it hitting its hard stop first , On the break in mode and also the home mode y axis goes all the way back to its limit switch area and then I have to manualy move yaxis and x axis back to the middle of the table .I hpoe that is better

I’m not sure if I follow or not
What happens when you try to home the table?
Does it go to the back left corner?

talked to mr langmuir i corrected the x limit switch have not run table today but last time running the break in program the gantry comes all the way to the front and stalls with motors running so i shut it down

yes the gantry travels to the back left corner then through its cycling program thats when it stops in the front and stalls or sounding better sounds like it trying to travel more but cant hope that is enough info for now

I would continue talking with Langmuir support

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