Travel Compensation

is there anyway kind of travel compensation that I am missing in Cut? I seem to be off on hole positioning and parts are not exact size. So I zero work piece and start the cut. 1st operation is cutting 1 hole then cutting out the piece. The hole is .200 off from what it should be. Print is correct and it appears that the diagram in cut control looks right (would see .200 off). What am I missing ?

Any chance you have your kerf width wrong? Kinda sounds like it if everything is off the same amount.


After running this a bunch of times I have discovered that only holes are out .040 on a .500" (using as an example). Is there a compensation in SheetCam that can be made to offset this .020" for holes only? The outside cuts are usually right on just struggling with holes??

If your kerf width is providing the correct dimensions on the rest of the part, you could create a different tool just for cutting holes.

Make the hole cutting tool have a smaller kerf width (this will make it cut a larger hole). Move the holes to another layer and create another operation with your hole cutting tool