Transistioning to sheetcam from fusion 360 personall

I’ve grown very tired of fighting with the Cam interface on Fusion and want to try sheet cam to see if it works better for tweaking material size and machine settings. I can’t seem to export any of my files as DXF from Fusion even just at a sketch. I also can’t seem to open any of the fusion .nc cam fies and have them show up in sheet cam. does anyone have any tips?

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What happens when you try?

I think this would be, because a NC file has already been ran through a CAM program.
I dont use Sheetcam so I am guessing

If saving a DXF you will want to do this by right clicking the sketch in the browser bar which running down the left hand of the screen and “Save as DXF”



Maybe this will help…

  1. Did you create a tool library for the “tweaking” thing about just changing speed and amps is your kerf will be different. Maybe this doesn’t matter.

  2. here is quick video for export as DXF

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We have a funny way of doing the same thing but in different ways…

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@DonP There are 3 DXF export methods from fusion 360, the " save as " method is my favorite.

Step Brothers is such an amazing comedy.

Here is a loom video about the dxf "save as"export


you can not open a NC. file in sheetcam…once processed an NC or TAP file can only be viewed on the CNC machine and it not able to be altered unless you know Gcode and make the changes line by line.

you can use to look at the files…

keep in mind that the trial version of sheetcam only does small files like the bottle opener…to do more you need to purchase the licience,


Thanks Guys! I’ve got a few designs and test coupons openend in Sheetcam now to set up some tools for my cut 60