Touchscreen Laptop Choices

Soooo… my new Crossfire Pro is on the way, (almost). I’ll be looking to get a new dedicated laptop for drawing, programming, etc. I need to stay in the low budget range for this computer. What should I be looking for that will do the job yet not break the bank. Are there any laptops that I stay away from?

Thanks for the help!!


Walmart has been having a good gaming laptop for the last few years on black friday.Thats not to far off…last year i found one at my local walmart a week after black friday on clearance for under 500.


WOW! I forgot all about Black Friday sales! Laptop prices usually fall to next to nothing on that day. Thanks for the heads-up!

Are Gaming machines the best bang for the buck for this CNC application?

They are for running Fusion. If you just need one to run the table, most anything can run Mach 3.