Touch off switch height calibration check ~ DIscussion

It seems it would be ideal to have some G code to touch off and initiate pierce but stop and not initiate the torch and stop to check the touch touch off height is correct. Soft calibration check that maps to cut height is intact. We have a full sheet of 1/4" on the table and have a sheet cam cut tool programmed based on Hypertherm 65-Sync cut parameters. Initial l tests seems we may have been low on cut height and fast on the cut in radii. There were no Sheet Cam rules applied on that test. Seems the 60% slow down no & THC ( info found on the web) may be appropriate for 1/4" stock and 1/2" wide slots . We may pull that sheet back and run some tests on a 1/4" 18x18 piece. Ken

If you are not familiar with writing and editing codes . You can say cam out a circles then open tap file in notepad delete every line of code between the cut height and end program which is m30. But you must also delete the torch fire code which should be m3

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Phillipw Thank you, Seems like nice upload for get files section? The elevation data will shed insight on accuracy of touch off switch and associated coding . Our Hypertherm tech related the 65 sync arc profile (likely all ) is like a football pointed vertically and you need to be cutting at an elevation ideally near center of plate.

Yes, I do believe that the cut height for the sync plasma is higher than the cut height for standard plasma cutters.

Having a small calibration G code snippet seems like the ticket to ensure cut pierce /final is dialed it could be a simple piece of stock machined on each end like a go Gage. Thinking make sure height is dialed in as it should then dial in speeds if necessary.

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Cut height not being right will cause a tapered cut.