Totally new to this

Just purchased a table to learn cnc plasma and make parts but im kinda in over my head

I didnt realize that you would need to have so many different programs to make this a reality.

I guess my question is what program(s) do i need to desing my parts in 2d?

I understand i need sheetcam and already have it and fire control but…im lost. I tried illistrator to make a simple logo but when i put it in sheetcam i lost all the letters and just kept the background rectangle.

Heres my table i customized to make it folding for more space as space is of a premium in my shop!

Any help would be awesome!


Sounds like a good place for you to start is the “Workflow” tutorial.
[Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems] (Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems)
Langmuir has some videos and like everything else, Youtube has plenty.

When your questions start to get more specific, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here who are always helping each other.

Oops and welcome to the group!



Welcome to the forum!

There are allot of options out there. What types of parts are you planning to make?

If its dimensional stuff you can use any 2d CAD program.

I use the free version of fusion. Lots of guys use q-cad for simple 2d drawings.

Whatever you choose there will be a learning curve unless there is a CAD program you are already using.

I use Inkscape for the more artsy stuff. There are some that have the ability to use Fusion for both… I am not there yet.

If you choose Fusion you can do the CAD and the CAM in the same program. Where you have already purchased Sheetcam this may not be as big a benefit to you, but I like having them both part of the same program.

I agree with @Wsidr1 work through the Langmuir workflow tutorial and that should help get you going.


Welcome to the forum! Interesting approach on the table! I’m looking forward to your results!