Totally confused

I have my everlast 62i on order and it should be here with a week. I have read a lot of different topics about setting up all the wiring and I’m more confused than I was when I first started reading. It would be so nice if they provide specific instructions for the top 5-6 plasma brands. From what I can tell all the instructions are generic and you can try this or that but you may have to do something else. So frustrating trying to navigate through the instructions!

If I do a review I will definitely give a C- for easy to follow instructions

You might run into this topic during your search but it does have some decent pictures.

As an Everlast user, I would recommend going the route that Toolboy posted in this thread. Pictures of RAW Voltage wiring on Everlast 52I

Hook the wires directly to the back of the lugs on the front of the machine. I used crimp on ring connectors (I think they were 1/2") on the wires. The work clamp lug has a nut you can remove to slide the ring connector on and replace the nut. The torch side has an air line that prevents you from removing the nut, so I cut the ring connector into a horseshoe and slid it behind the nut.

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The method @ds690 link is a more robust

but both methods will give your THC and exact same information (arc voltage)

I am just a former Everlast user.


I have a Pro table…had it for almost 2 years now…and I am running a 62i. I used the standard hand torch first then switched to the machine torch.

it is very easy to wire up the Everlast for CNC…ds690 posted the link…
if you have any problems drop me a message and I will help out

the CNC port on the back is only used for pins 1&2 for on/off of torch…it does not matter red or black on pins 1-2…

then it is very easy to wire in RAW voltage…

Langmuir sells a plasma cutter that they support with their table. You bought the table and decided to use something else, and it’s their fault for not providing you instructions for the other cutter? This is what’s wrong with the Internet and reviews in general. :man_shrugging:


You are half right but they also list the everlast briefly in their limited instructions