Torchmate Cad/Cam Instead Of Autodesk Fusion 360

Can we use this software (Torchmate Cad/Cam) to build our projects then bring it over to the Firecontrol for the Crossfire Pro. The Autodesk Fusion 360 looks a little to complicated for me.

You should be able to create your part/art in Torchmate Cad and save it in an DXF or SVG format but then you will have to use either Fusion 360 or Sheetcam to do the Post processing. There is not a Post Processor for Torchmate Cam. FireControl will only except *.tap or *.NC files which after Post Processing your G-code will be in that format.

Thanks! I was wondering which program to go with, after seeing Fusion 360 I said to my self, “self this is not the route you want to go”. So I am going to use Sheetcam. I’m still waiting for my table to arrive, 5 more weeks maybe I can learn the basics by then. The other question I have is what is CAD is this where I make my drawings then bring to Sheetcam to be cut by my langmuir table. Which CAD do you use? Is it built into Sheetcam

CAD is Computer Aided Design. Programs like Inkscape (free), Affinity Designer ($60), Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator (expensive) can do the design - just save the file as SVG (best) or DXF (adequate).

Sheetcam ($150) is the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) component that you use to create toolpaths and generate GCode. Then FireControl takes the GCode and executes it on the Crossfire.

Fusion can do both the CAD & the CAM processes but comes with a heavy burden in terms of learning curve and usability/complexity and price if you’re going to sell things you make.

Can be purchased directly from Langmuir Systems for $140. Click on the “Store” tab and can be found there.

Thanks man your awesome, well explained. Can you send me the link to Sheetcam please, I seen a Sheetcam link but just wanted to make sure it was ligit and not a scam.

Also which CAD do you use?

This is the discounted purchase place from Langmuir:

This is the Sheetcam download page. You can try it from here (limited to generating about 180 lines) and then buy the license from Langmuir.

You want the first entry on the page (unless you’re running Linux).

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