Torches stop working

Hello all,

I am recently having issues with two torches completely quit on me. One was a Duramax and the other is a brand new Razor Weld 45. Both worked great in the beginning but now nether will fire and I am at a loss here. I have replace all consumables and checked the ground, as best I am able

Filters stopping up cause air restrictions. Will the rw45 air run? If so what is the psi on the front?

Yes the air runs at 40psi when initiated.

Way too low you need 65 to 70 while running. The air blows the electrode back to fire. Sure that isn’t enough

The rw 45 work before? Did you change your air setup? It has a internal regulator that may have went bad

I haven’t changed the air setup. I have only had it for about a month i guess

I ran a rw 45 for about a year. I took the cover off there is a adjustable regulator inside. One of the buttons on the front activate the air. I hit the button and adjusted the air til it was about 70 while running. There is a chance the regulator is bad. What is the pressure coming into the plasma?

The external regulator on the RW shows 80 psi at an idle.

Also to answer the rest of your question, yes it was working great then stopped in the middle of a cut.

So you are having a 35 psi drop?
Check the machine. I think recommend input is around ninety. Turn your machine on hit the air button see what it drops to. If it drops that much either you have bad air restrictions, it need it be adjusted internally or the regulator has failed.
You can use the search function and find many threads about all 3 instances.

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