Torch wont shut off between toolpaths

So i have been running my table for a few weeks just fine and the other day when it is switching between toolpaths the torch will not shut off it continues running across the non toolpath and then continues to cut the next. Any idea on why the torch all of a sudden wont stop between toolpaths? Using vipercut 30i.

Can you use an old tap for test? one you used previously without a problem?

I will try one today.

Did you switch the cutter to 4T accidentally?

What is 4T? Im not sure what that is

the crossfire is designed to use 2t setting on your cutter - fire the torch on and off. depending on the complexity of the cnc cutter… it may use 4t or 2t firing controls.

4T is an “on until I pull the trigger again” and 2T is “on until I let go of the trigger”.

The Crossfire uses the GCode spindle on/off codes assuming your cutter is set for 2T. Otherwise the on/off treatment goes wonky.

So do i wanna be on 2t then? Sorry im a newbie lol

Yes, you want 2T.

There should be a switch on your cutter’s front panel.

My plasma doesnt have a switch on the front?20190721_212116|375x500

Hmmm…the Vipercut 30 had a choice between 2T&4T but looks like you’ve got a 30I that is missing that switch. (It’s in the upper right corner on the 30 & 45.)

I can’t find a manual online for the 30I. @gamblegarage may know something about it since he sells them.

30i does not have 2t/4t just the original vipercut30
but some use cut30 and 30i interchangeable so it’s hard to know which model someone has.

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Ok so i tried a new cut pattern and it did the same thing, one thing i noticed is that the torch didnt shut off moatly moving between text that i created on fusion. When it got done with the text and moved on to the rest of the pattern the torch began shutting on and off correctly, any ideas?