Torch won't dry fire but relay clicks

Just finishing setting up my crossfire pro with my everlast 62i cnc package, I was trying to test the thc and I realized my torch won’t fire. I’ve tried changing the mount so its not clamped on the torch head still nothing, anyone have any ideas?


First make sure the air is set in the green with air flowing from torch. Then jump pins 1 and 2 at the CNC port to make sure the torch will fire. If it fires then its in the wiring from the CNC port to the control box.

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I have the airflow in the green, what do you mean jump pins 1 and 2? I have the torch firing cable soldered to those pins.

ok I figured out what you meant and I jumped pins 1 and 2 and the torch did fire, could it be an issue with the soldering or maybe just the wire to the control box?

ok I messed with the cable a little and it looks like where it connects to the control box the cable has to be oriented a certain way for the torch to fire.

I run a 62i and a pro table…reach out to me if you need any specific help…here are a couple of things I have leanred having a 62i and the Pro table…

Everlasts need dry air…and I mean dry air…the consumables are small and are easily bunt out by moisture in the air.
Everlats can be tempermental with raw or divided voltage off the CNC pins…I highly recmmend that RAW voltage be taken off the lugs insoide the Plasma case at the front…I have posted pictures of this on the forum here…
run the post flow cooling on the Everlast for 30 seconds…ALWAYS…you can easily warp the entire head without proper post flow cooling.

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Ok sweet thank you for the advice, I’ve got three water separators in-line from the compressor to my plasma cutter, do you think that is sufficient?

water seperators are not worth it…they restict air flow more than they actually do good.
it is like putting 3 face masks on instead of one…it sure does add protection but really limits your breathing.

here is my set-up…

the thing to remember about air is not really the PSI…but the flow…scfm…you only need to supply the plasma with 100psi but the flow is criticl…all my fittings are at least 3/8" and all lines are 1/2"…
this means I am not restricting flow and not heating up the air and able to pull more moisture out of the air.

I live in an area (Ottawa, Canada) where temps vary greatly from day to day and the humidity is a real killer…

this system allowed me to go from around 500 pierces and 45 minutes of actual cut time to over 1500 pierces and 3 hours of cut time…


@toolboy Crazy old stock copper pipe.

That is sure a old beaver lumber logo sticker.


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Pretty old pipe…like I have said a lot of this whol setup is salvaged parts to save money…runs like a champ!

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It occurs to me that it might be cheaper to grab a roll of PEX and pull out some of the copper in the basement and use that for a compressor drain :laughing:


PLEASE READ. There is a red and green switch on the back of the torch make sure that it’s switched on.

I’ll have a look when I go over to my shop, but so far I’ve made a few cuts no problem