Torch wiring of the Razorweld 45

I have a new Razorweld 45, I’ve been told that the two wires that I need to connect too are purple and orange. I would like to report that all four wires in my new machine are black, that are coming from the inside of the torch connector. This example comes form the instructions for the Razorweld Vipercut 30. What can I do, follow the Vipercut 30 instruction?

If they’re all black (I’m surprised that’s the case) ignore the instructions for color and use the ones to determine the two based on what happens when you pull the trigger on the torch.

You will need a voltmeter, set to resistance and touch the tips to make sure it shows 0 ohms resistance. Then tape or ziptie the trigger lever on the torch so it’s “on”. Then touch the probes to the connections in the cable end that you screw into the machine until you find a pair that goes to 0. Take off the zip tie (or tape) and see if they now show infinite resistance. Pull the trigger and check again.

Those are the two you want to connect the Langmuir wire to. Check the position of the connections and how they’re going to go into the female connector on the machine. Then look on the back side of the connector for the two wires coming from the corresponding pins. As I recall, on my RW45 it was the top left and right pins in the connector (but I can’t swear to that - it’s been awhile and if the colors have changed, perhaps they’ve made other changes).

I ran the ends of the Langmuir wire through the front grille of the RW before I connected the wires. That left the barrel end plug coming out the front where I could coil it and tuck it away when it’s not connected to the Crossfire control unit. I figured that was much better than having them come out between the case and the frame where they could be pinched.

Thank You

Jamesshatch, my plan is to try this tonight, I will let the forum know what happens.

Are there any videos online to show how to wire this up

I don’t know of any videos but there were some photosets here on the forum to show how to do it. But that was from a year or so ago and I’d be hesitant to recommend them now since I know the RW45 has had some fairly significant changes in the past year with the new machine torch connections and such. Daniel at Langmuir might have something more recent or someone who has done this with a new RW in the past few months. I’m now using an HT 45 so don’t even have my RW around to open up again.

Okay thanks mine is a razor weld jrwpc45 LH compatible with the crossfire table

hi all. new here. I need to change my razorcut to 50 to 1 ratio for a second plasma table I have. I beleive langmuire does this for new torch height table. guys at Jasic told me.anyone got this answer ?Thamks wayne