Torch will stay firing

Trouble shooting question.
newbie here
I am running a Primeweld cut 60 and I am having issues with larger items when I’m cutting. In the middle of the cut the torch will stay firing and not move until I unplug the cable to the computer. When I plug it back in it starts to fire again until I close out March3. After I close it out and restart it runs fine until I try to cut another big piece. I can cut smaller items out multiple times with no issues. I have tried new tips and electrodes with no changes.

Don’t know where to start???

so you are using an older crossfire running Mach3…
approximately how long into your larger cuts does it stop?

is it an air issue…running low on pressure?
is it a possible duty cycle time on your plasma cutter?

I’m using March3 don’t know how old the table is.
It’s about 5 minutes into the cut when it stops.
Good air pressure. New Primeweld cut 60 with Cnc port

is it 5 minutes all the time when you are cutting…if you cut 5 small parts and it takes 6 minutes…does it stop?..or only if it is cutting one program of a larger piece and it runs for 5 minutes…

I can cut multiple small pieces out with no issues. When I try to cut a larger piece out it stops. I’ve tried three different designs and still getting the same issue.

how close is the cutter to the control box? if pretty close, try to move it as far as possible from the control box and computer or at least the opposite side of the table from the control box. sounds like electrical interference even though it cuts smaller pieces fine.

Also, do you have any ferrite chokes on the USB cable?

I have that cutter as well and would sometimes do that when the cutter was too close to electronics.

Yup interference. Does the screen also go very white?
Separate the cutter from the electronics as much as possible, use ferrite beads on the USB cable. I also ungrounded my PC and Monitor.

Every one has given you good answers and things to try. Also if its a laptop do not have it charging when trying to cut.

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Thank you to all for the advice. I will try to get it figured out. I have my cutter right next to the control unit and had my laptop plugged in while I was cutting. Going to try those changes first.again thanks