Torch will not fire in program

I know there are some similar topics but I couldnt find the answer so I thought I would ask here.
I have a crossfire pro wth razorweld 45. The cutter will fire when I manually pull the trigger so I know its fine.
What I discovered is the black wire leading to the board from the power supply was pinched against the enclosure and grounded form the installation when I srewed it to the frame. I fixed and am getting 36 volts to the board. I get 0 to the orange and blue wire going to the on off barrell connector. the black square relay is in nicely.
Did I possibly fry a connection there somewhere? Everything looks ok.
Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

Can you hear the relay click when you try to do a manual fire the torch from firecontrol?

Yes I forgot to mention that. It clicks when I hit the manual fire and when I hit off.

Could be a short or miswiring in the cable from the cutter to the control box. check for continuity on the ends of the cable. if all good then it could be the wiring inside the cutter.

When I check it with a voltmeter I don’t get anything out from the board to the barrel cable connector. I will check the continuity of the cable though Thanks

did you check it when the relay clicks on when manual fire?

Yes I did. I hit the manual fire button and heard the click then tested for power at the barrel connector and the 4 pin white connector on the board.
Thanks for your replies.

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A relay behaves like a simple switch. It’s open or closed. There is no power on it, unless the circuit it is opening/closing has power on it. The way you are measuring it, there is no power on the circuit. So you will not measure any voltage. What you want to do is like @nicaDd suggested and measure for continuity (a closed switch). Disconnect the plasma cutter from main power (for safety), then disconnect the torch trigger wire that goes to the Pro electronics enclosure. Now in Firecontrol do a manual torch fire. You should hear the relay click. Now the switch is closed. Next check for continuity at the barrel female connector on the enclosure. If that is good plug the wire back into the enclosure and check for continuity at the other end where it plugs into the plasma cutter. Stop the manual fire in Firecontrol.

OK that makes sense. I will give that a go.

After checking continuty to the connector and firing the torch with a jumper on the cable I finally checked what I should have first thing. I had it plugged in the wrong port. :crazy_face:
I considered not posting my mistake out of embarrasement LOL but hopefully it helps someone.
Thanks Guys for your quick replies and helping me out even though you had already been through it with others.