Torch stops firing

New here, only have had our complete system 2 weeks. For the 1st 4 cuts we made had no issues. Now a couple different things. Torch will fire for a split second and then stops, air continues to flow through torch. Only way to get the air to stop is to turn off cutter or by unplugging the cable from electronics box to cutter. Upon turning cutter back on or plugging cable back in the torch fires for a second. We purchased the complete langmuir system with the Razorcut 45. What are we doing wrong?

First make sure your in 2T. Then make sure the work clamp in on the work not the table. And contact customer support in my be the relay in the controller.

Thank you for your prompt response. I have verified in 2T, moved the clamp from under the water table to the material. When doing this had both systems turned off. Turned on cutter only(table box was still off) and the moment you turn on power to the cutter, the torch fires for a couple seconds. When you say contact customer support which one, purchased entire system from langmuir. Contact them or Razorweld? Thank you!

Sounds like you have a short in the wiring or a stuck relay. Contact langmuir.

Unplug it from the langmuir box, then see if you can use the torch by hand. If you can, it’s something in the cable connecting it to the langmuir box.

Unfortunately we experienced this by trial and error. We had the torch cable unhooked, power off on the electronics box, and as soon as you turn the cutter on the torch fires. Leaves a nice little hole in the material, torch will shut off after a few seconds but the air does not. Have to turn machine off or unhook air hose for it to stop. Thank you any and all suggestions are appreciated as we were trying to produce Christmas gifts. Langmuir has been contacted as well.

If the torch is firing without the lanmuir box even being powered up, the problem is most likely in your plasma cutter itself…

i would disconnect the torch firing cable you installed in the cutter and see if it’s still firing on it s own… could be that the cable has an internal short. So you should have nothing but the cutter itself (without any external wiring) to troubleshoot.