Torch stops firing when moves to do pierce

I have a Crossfire pro, using sheetcam and firecontrol. When I start cut torch does first pierce and cuts, when it moves to next pierce torch goes down touch metal moves up and stops. I get a message asking if I want to restart. I do the restart and the torch again goes down touches metal moves up and does that cut. It does this through the entire cutting. I have tried changing the pierce delay, have tried 0, .3 .5 and 1 second with same results. Any suggestions.

does the message say anything else?
have you done the THC test in Firecontrol?

I will have to get the exact wording and I have done a straight cut, it works fine but have not done the THC test. Not sure how to do that.

Did THC test. It said voltage was 2.1 volts. Also said this indicates not receiving a live voltage from plasma cutter. The message I get when trying to cut is " torch started moving before cutting voltage was sensed" I did the LS_THC trouble shooting got the following results: I am using a Lincoln Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter, it uses raw voltage. section B1 I had 92.5 volts, Section B2 I had 1.15 volts, Section C2 I had 3.70 volts, Section C3 I had .035 volts, Section C4 the voltage was the same as step 2

Also On motion control pcb have green led when firecontrol comes up another yellow led flashes continuously. On the THC pcb have red led.

Anything on this? I have the razor weld 45 and it starts the cut fine and then when moving to the next cut it does not fire and slightly starts to move then the error message pops up stating if the torch did not fire your pierce delay is too low. Pierce delay is set above the .5, and I have tried up to 1.5 and it still does the same thing.

I assume you have successfully made custs before as it looks like you’ve had it for a little while. Have you run the THC test since you started having issues? I also assume you have looked at the consumables and the work clamp is connected to the work.

Sorry for the basic questions hard to know where you’re at from your post.

Just getting a chance to circle back on this, but the issue I had was a result of me wrapping the usb wire to the laptop through the laptop stand. I guess it was causing interference, but I was trying to just keep the wire out of the way. Now I just let it drape down and it works fine.

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Did you try increasing pierce delay? When I have gotten that message, I usually have to bump it up a little.

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