Torch stops firing before it moves to follow pattern

I am new to CNC and trying to learn.
Thought I would start with a file from FireShare, and use it as a starting point to see if it works, and play with various parameters.
Found a fairly simple file of a T bracket with about 12 holes.
Loaded the file into Fire Control
Scaled it down a bit, and successfully ran a dry cut.
Then ran a real cut.
Torch moves to the first hole
Torch is goes down until it touches the metal, and then raises up, torch fires for 1-2 seconds, stops firing, and then the torch moves in a circle (like it is cutting a circle), looks great other than the torch is off while moving in a circle.
Torch then moves to the next circle, and repeats the above process.

After all holes are cut, the torch moves to the starting location for the bracket perimeter.

The torch is lowered until it touches the metal, and then raises up, and starts to fire, moves about an inch and then stops. I believe an error message is displayed but, can’t find the pic I took of the message. Will run the process again and get a pic.

With the limited information provided, can someone help point me in a direction of possible problems, and things to check.

Other items of interest:

  1. I have the RazorWeld 45 because, I liked the plug & play that was advertised, and hopefully minimize issues.
    The cable that plugs into the left jack at the bottom of the front panel; I believe it is to fire the torch, is lose, just a slight tug will pull the cable out of the jack.
    The cable on the right jack fits a bit snugger
    Is this/or could cause an issue?

  2. I noticed on the Fire Control screen, while it was trying to cut the circles that the voltage shown in the LINE display is 0, and then it starts to increase while the torch is firing.
    The torch stops firing just as it is about to reach 300v.
    I had thought this display should always be showing 300v
    The Nominal display shows ‘Smart’

Appreciate any guidance you could share.
Thank you

Positive clamp on metal?

If so maybe you should deselect THC and create new gcode and see if that fixes the issue. One quick way to start troubleshooting.

If it only fires for a second it could be a bunch of things. Try changing the cutting tip . If you still haven’t got it figured out take a video of what you’re doing and tag me . Its a lot easier to tell whats going on if we can see and hear it.