Torch shutoff in middle of program

My torch shutoff in the middle of a program. How do I jog through the program to start just before the torch shut off. thank you in advance

As you scroll through the g code with the arrow keys (blue arrows), the path will highlight where you are at in the code (red arrows)

Once you have found out where you left off, I like to restart at the last M05 (if you have multiple torch starts) if not, you will have to fire the torch with the torch on button, then use the select next line, fire the torch, hit cycle start. It will start at block (line) 15 in this case.



I have gone through and recut areas that have already been cut with no problems, you will have to play with it a little to get the hang of it. It will sometimes give you “ijk” errors, you just have to go up or down a line or 3 for your start

Thank you for your help. Worked out great.

Awesome! Glad to be able to help!