Torch Retract Height After Cuts

How do I change the torch retract height after machine is finished cutting? After cutting when homing the torch just barely clears the material and some times drags across. Is there a way to change it? Is it in fire control or sheet cam?

That is a good question. I used to “home” the machine after installing limit switches and it would raise the torch automatically as it went to the left, back corner of the PRO table. Then it stopped doing that. It seems to me that the last time I performed the “home” feature, it was raising the torch again. But I cannot say that positively.

I don’t know of a short cut command but I am sure there is a g-code command that could add manually just before the end of the gcode file. You need to allow the last two lines to read something similar to this:

The (PS18) tells FireControl the cut speed, which in this case is 18. If FireControl does not find that line at the end, it will run.

Sorry. I am not much help: Just commiserating with you. :upside_down_face:

The standard retract height is 1". That is built into the post processor and can’t be changed unless you edit the post processor.

Post the last 5 lines of your g code.

There should be a line with G0 Z1