Torch raising up during cut

Torch is raising up during cut. Noticed last week it would cut normally on small items but when cutting larger items (12’ linear cut) it would raise mid cut and cut 1/8" above material. Then in a 4" cut span it will raise to 1" and I’d terminate. Looking at resting voltage it will show 140v to 5v. When its 140v cuts will raise to 1" within a few inches of travel. This voltage will dissipate over a couple hours then cut fine only to return later.

Plasma is everlast 82i cnc version wired divided voltage to vim. Ive already heated plastic at z screw to bring contacts away from screw.

Also if i run thc test and dry fire the torch while z is up and no material is present i get the stray voltage on table for a couple hours.

Tried to talk with cameron but not returning calls

Thx in advance

Try using raw voltage from the everlast internal lugs instead.

Also make sure all the connections are tight on both the high voltage circuit and the vim circuit.

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