Torch pierce height

Just ordered my table last week, got lucky order #5000! Anyway, i have been reading about using the table and programs before it gets here so i can play with it right away. A forum post said that pierce height should be double cutting height.

Since we dont have a z axis out of the box, would it be beneficial and practical for me to start the program, have it pierce, readjust height, and then proceed to cut. My main concern is how quickly it will go through consumables. I bought extras, but would like to make them last and not burn up my torch handle because they got slagged

No. Just set it with the shim (or shim + feeler gauge for a Hypertherm - they recommend a bit more space than the .06" the Crossfire shim provides).

Ok, thank you. Im looking into a whole bunch of things and have a million questions right now. Just want to be somewhat prepared

I use the small shim and a 0.010” feeler blade. The 0.060” small shim you get with the table was to close. With my test cuts I got better cuts at about 0.070 - 0.075” on the torch height
With my Razorcut 45

I use the thin shim for the RW45. I just picked up a Hypertherm (mostly for the machine torch :slightly_smiling_face:) and they recommend .07 so I’m doing the shim plus an additional .01 feeler with it.

I wanted to post the same question