Torch Pausing Only During Cuts

My table is suddenly acting up over the last week or so. I can do a dry run with no problem, but soon as I cut my torch starts to randomly pause. I thought at first it was only on outside perimeter cuts, but it is now doing it on almost all cuts. I have attached a video link (10 min.) showing a dry run then a run with the torch firing on the same project. Wasting a lot of material, time, and patience…
Please watch the video and give me some ideas. I have checked and watched everything but cannot find the problem. Why only when torch is on & firing???


Hi, I just watched this video and it appears that you are geting very mild interference from the plasma cutter. When there is electrical interference the communication between the laptop and the control box is momentarily interrupted.

The first thing to check is the physical distance between your laptop and the plasma cutter. What is that distance?

@langmuir-daniel I don’t have a laptop hooked up to it. I I using a Dell All-In-One Computer. I have a bracket mount to the same side as your laptop stand to hold the computer. The computer is in the same location as it was when I got the table. Just started having this problem in last 1-2 weeks. Seems to be getting worse… The cut in the video is a lot better than the others I have attempted lately…

Where is the plasma cutter in relation to the computer?

I have a shelf mounted under my table for my torch. The only thing that has changed in my shop over the last couple weeks is I installed a new garage door opener that accesses our wi-fi network. Everyhing else in the shop is the same…

Are you able to move the plasma cutter as far away as possible from the PC and do another test cut?

I can yes, will do that here in a bit. It wouldn’t by chance be the new torch I just installed from Razorweld/ Jasic would it? @langmuir-daniel

@langmuir-daniel Wow… that’s was it!!!
Why would that change? I have had my torch in that location since I setup my table… Have made a lot cut cuts between then and now with no issue until recently.
P.S. - Is there a cable available to go from the torch to the control box that is longer? Like the length of the torch cable itself?

Are you looking for one that goes from the cutter box to the control box? The one you had to tap into the connections in the plasma cutter box?

If so then yes. You can get a long cable in Amazon that has the plug on one end for the control box and a different connector on the other end that you can just cut off so you can tap the wires.

I used this one. They have longer ones too.

I clipped off the female end and stripped it back so I could wire my CNC port on the Hypertherm but you could also just tap those wires like the original Langmuir. Or if you’re already wired up, just plug the Langmuir cord into one end and the other into your Crossfire’s control box. No cutting or tapping would be needed. Easy peasy & cheap too.

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@jamesdhatch The Langmuir community is lucky to have you, good sir!


I have the same problem. I cant load the video to show though. What was the fix for this issue? Move the plasma cutter as far away from the laptop? Is this right? I’ve been cutting with no issue up until two days ago. I have not changed anything from what I was doing before. @langmuir-daniel can you help me out with this issue?