Torch not re-plunging after first loop of program

Hi- New user here- have a RW45 and THC. Have made a few very successful cuts. But now having a perplexing issue- torch does not re-plunge after first cut in loop. It moves to the next location and kind of bounces a bit about 1.5" above the piece. I have a video/images. I have repeated this error from a complex cut program to a very simple one. Cutting 14 ga steel. Also tried with THC off and same thing happens.

Any help appreciated!!

Sound like maybe your IHS switch is getting triggered at a unwanted time.

Check the IHS circuit for tightness and watch to see if the IHS is getting trigger at times it is not making contact with the work.

In Firecontrol there is a light of the IHS left bottom middle. you can trigger it manual by gently lift up on your torch in the z axis to see the light come on. it should only light up when touching off on the material.


Like Tin said, it could be the IHS switch being triggered by the Z carriage sticking on the way down.

It could also be a loose coupler between the Z axis motor and lead screw.

Jog the Z axis up and down and look for smooth movement with no sticking on the way down. Watch to see if the IHS light turns Green on the Firecontrol screen when you are jogging the Z down. If it turns Green before it hits the metal, the carriage is sticking and triggering the switch.


It looks like your torch is adjusted too low.


Thanks @TinWhisperer @ds690 @TomWS. Turns out the “factory wiring” was the culprit. The tip on the IHS sticking/triggering the switch led us to the real problem of the wiring. Much appreciated! Got some really good cutting in for “a day” We now have a new issue…so will post on that next! Curious if the technical issues are “on-going” or if there comes a point when it all just works consistently for a good period of time?


In my experience, and what I’ve seen on this forum, once you have your system ‘tuned’ and your understanding of how to use it also tuned, you will be able to run it reliably for a long time without any issues. Key thing once you’re at that point is keeping your air clean and dry and replacing consumables before they crap up a job.


Thanks Tom, There s a lot to learn-starting to pickup on a lot of the nuances. Definitely drinking from the firehose right now. This forum is great-so helpful and great source of information!