Torch not firing

When I’m in Mach 3 the viper cut 30 plasma cutter the air don’t stop running and the torch don’t fire but on the Mach 3 the light is flashing on and off

Check you wiring to the plasma cutter?

@langmuir-mike is working a on a detailed troubleshooting and corrective action guide to address the fairly common ‘torch not firing’ problem. That should get posted tomorrow. It will cover every possible cause so if you walk through it sequentially you will either fix the issue or be able to tell us what we need to send you to fix it.

Also when I turn on the viper cut 30 it fires for a second one turns off the won’t fire no more

Is it set to 2t or 4t? It should be set to 2t.

Does this lock up your Mach 3? This is exactly what happens with my Cut 45. It’ll fire once then blow air for multiple minutes and lock up Mach 3. The Langmuir peeps sent me a new plasma to try as well as a new breakout board. I’ll be trying those this week.