Torch Not Firing - In Program or via Manual Torch Fire

Recently received Crossfire w/ Razorcut 45. Using Firecontrol & Autofusion 360.
Have setup according to instructions and videos. Razorcut 45 comes with cable to connect to Firecontrol. Supposed to be plug n play. Not working. Torch fires by depressing trigger. Tried to do test fire via Manual Torch Fire but nothing happened. Have good air pressure / supply; good ground; appropriate distance from torch to material.
Anyone have any ideas?
I’ve read a lot of reviews and forum posts and folks are speaking highly of this machine but I must say, I’m not having the same experience. It’s been frustrating setting this thing up. I’ve had it 4 days now and have followed instructions and videos but have yet to cut a single part.

Is your serial number below the cutoff and not compatible with firecontrol?

Are you hearing the relay click when the torch is commanded to fire? Try this with Manual Torch Fire in FireControl.

If not, the relay board in your control box may have come loose in shipping. Make sure it is fully seated.

If so, you may have received a Razorweld 45 with the ports reversed. Try plugging the torch on/off cable into the other blue port and retry the test.