Torch not firing help please

Just bought the crossfire pro with the razor weld 45 everything plug and play. Table runs smooth no issues I recently plugged the torch in and downloaded a test coupon program and attempted to cut it out it cut one circle skipped the second and cut the third. I shut everything down to try again the next day and I then installed the thc module l, now the chip was put in couple days before I even tried firing the torch but now it doesn’t even try to fire at all air doesn’t even come to the torch. I hear the relay clicking but other than that it’s dead silent I have rearranged wires flout them back cut it off and back on again and nothing works. Please help me…

Is the plasma cutter in 2t or 4t mode?

Not even sure what that is I’m brand new to the whole cnc world.

Look at front of the plasma cutter, you will see a switch 2t / 4t. You want switch set to 2t.

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I recently had intermittent firing with no error message in FireControl. Turned out I didn’t get the electrode fully tightened into the torch.

I’m paranoid about cross threading them and this one felt tight, but it must have been a small flaw in the threads. When I forced it a bit more, it turned several more revolutions and the problem went away.