Torch not cutting whole part from sheetcam code

We just downloaded SheetCam and installed in the [SheetCAM Post v1.6]
I set up sheetcam and made a part. When I ran the code in Mach it would only cut about 4 inchs and then the torch would cut off and not start again until the next cut and then it would do the same thing. It would continue the cutting path both times just wouldn’t cut. It would cut for about 4 in. then stop. What am I doing wrong? The ground is fine. Is there an update or something that I need to change in Mach too. I have not updated anything in Mach. We did not have problems when we were running codes from Fusion.

Sounds like your air pressure is dropping and shutting off the torch.

If you’re using Mach 3, then the post processor to use is Mach3, No Z.

Might be a grounding issue. try putting your ground lead directly to the work.