Torch Moving Before Cutting Voltage Sensed

I am having issues cutting a pattern. Strange because i have cut the same program twice with only one issue. Cutting the perimeter line and the torch moved up instead of holding the .6 programmed height.

I am trying to cut the same program again in it cut about 3/4" and gave me a message of “Torch moving before cutting voltage sensed”. Strange because the torch was cutting. Now it pierces and gives me the message.

Bad THC?

That is my assumption.

Thanks for listening.

Big Yellow Truck

what material are you cutting? What setting are you using?
Perhaps it is electrical interference. Have you isolated the ground plug on your computer?

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Is your work clamp on the metal being cut?

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Thank you for your response. It triggered my memory of the beginning when I was setting up the machine. I use a laptop and normally do not have it plugged in because of the warning of the ground plug issue. Yes, I had it plugged in yesterday for charging. I restarted my computer and ran the program with out the computer plugged in and everything ran correctly.

I am cutting 16 Ga. material for the first time and it has been interesting getting the programming set up.

Thanks again Phillipw

Most people including me use a ground isolating plug. I keep my laptop plugged in.

Easy fixes are the best…

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