Torch moving before arc starts

Good afternoon all. Got a Crossfire PRO that I just got together. Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter with CPC. I’ve got everything hooked up and its cutting well, unfortunately sometimes the torch doesn’t fire before it starts moving. What gives?

Increase the pierce delay

I don’t think that is the issue, the first cut works fine. The second and subsequent are where it starts moving before the cut.

Mine did the same thing. For some reason the first was fine, the next ones were too short. Maybe you have a lead in on the first cut and not the second? I think that was my issue.

But yes, increase the pierce delay. It’s a known issue.

The reason is because it takes longer to fire the arc when post flow is flowing after the first cut. Set your pierce delay so that it is right for the second and subsequenct cuts.

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Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

does anyone know how to put a “double tap” into the torch trigger signal in the post processor. Hypertherm says thats how to defeat the post flow air. I have a powermax600 cutter and it cuts fine but it wont retrigger while the post flow air is on. Hypertherm says all of their machines post flow but you can defeat it and retrigger the torch if you double tap the trigger signal? the other thought was to increase the pierce delay?

I have my pierce delay set to 5 seconds (which I feel like is a lot), but the torch doesn’t even fire for my first cut. I keep getting the message " TORCH STARTED MOVING BEFORE CUTTING VOLTAGE WAS SENSED"

Your issue is not related to pierce delay. Can you fire the torch manually with the trigger? If so, the problem is either with the control box or the torch firing wire connection to your cutter. What plasma cutter are you running?

Im running a RazorCut45 CNC

Unplug you laptop charger

I think my issue might have to do with the VIM box being incorrectly wired to the Plasma cutter, but when I check everything seems to be in the right place

i have unplugged it

The VIM box doesn’t have anything to do with the torch not firing. There is a known issue with some Razorweld machines having the torch firing and divided voltage ports switched. Try switching the cables at the front of the machine and see if the torch fires.

will do… those are the ones plugged into the 2 blue ports correct?

Yes, the 2 blue ports.

well i tried unplugged them and one of them came out, but the other totally like fell apart - the spring, screw system dismantled on me

okay i switched them and im running it again