Torch is not cooperating

I have the Pro table, I’ve cut a few things from the share page and everything was going well until yesterday. My torch started to cut and then when the torch moved up to cut another section, it did not go back down. The torch fired in the up position.
What am I doing wrong ://

Your Z axis is probably sticking on the way down and activating the IHS switch. Jog the Z axis up and down and see if it hangs up on the way down. You may have some debris on the rails or it may need adjustment of the rollers that ride on the rails.


You might also carefully add some lubrication to the z-axis screw but don’t get any on the electrical contacts for the IHS system. It won’t need much.


Spray the contact with QD electronic cleaner

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Make sure the wiring for the z axis is not catching on anything during travel.