Torch is climbing any thoughts

It starts out good but the longer it goes it get’s higher till its about 1" then the torch shuts off.

Watch the Firecontrol screen while it’s cutting. Does the IHS light turn green at any time, other than the probing sequence at the start of the cut?

If the IHS switch is triggered or the IHS wires lose contact at any time during the cut, the software will raise the torch .060" each time to prevent a crash. It will keep doing this as long as that green light is on.

What is the voltage reading during the cut? Is it dropping and the torch is rising to compensate.


causes for this are often

  • computer plugged in
  • material clamp (ground) not clamoed to material
  • USB does not have ferrite choke and is getting electrocmagnetic interference…
  • dirty THC needs cleaning

This is probably it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: