Torch holder not fitting torch

Wonder what everyone else has experienced with this. the torch holder doesn’t really hold the torch by the cap very well. the handle part has a nice cylindrical section but its too big to fit. I’d rather hold the torch from up there than hold it from the cap anyway.

My RW45 torch held okay. Never any problems. Some like Miller have both a short cylindrical portion that fits the stock holder and a larger diameter but taller cylindrical section that would provide more surface area but don’t fit because of the larger diameter. That can be addressed by getting a couple longer bolts for the V fitting on the table’s torch mount.

thats all I did too seems better, thanks

At the bottom of the thread, I’ve machined the step out of the cup. Not overly difficult and greatly improved its clamping.

Holding the torch by the torch is a lot better then by the retaining cup anyway makes changing the consumables faster and you don’t have to remove the torch every time and re align it.

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I have to double check my alignment, it looks like its cutting a bevel and I think the torch might not be straight. Otherwise the cuts are nice and smooth with not much dross. Also I think the kerf is too wide. I measure .07 at the top

I agree with George about holding the torch at its body. Problem with most hand torches is the body is too large, nor is it square to the torch itself, causing angularity issues.

You’ll get different kerf widths depending on nozzle/tip size, material and power. Something between .05 - .07 is pretty normal.

yes, I think this is going to take a lot of experimentation to know what the kerf is going to be. I think I clogged my first nozzle just. the piot in the electrode isn’t deep but the hole has some obstruction in it.

Do you define a new tool for each amp setting/nozzle diameter combination?

Yes. Depending on your torch & app (Fusion or Sheetcam), you may find them here. I know someone posted their definitions for their Hypertherm 45 (I used it for my tool list).

I name them with the power, tip and material so it’s easy to fix.