Torch height initial set up

Quick question regarding torch set up:
Using pro with a machine torch (hypertherm)
Is there a recommended height off table to set the torch in the bracket ?
Just a guess on my part but it seems there needs to be a good bit of clearance to avoid tip up pieces fouling the torch ??

The positioning of the torch head is not critical as the programming is usually set to lead in 5 inches. I did discover on my initial cut that I had the z axis too close to the work. My first suscessful cut had the torch raised the z axis about 1.5 inches above the plate. The standard G code has the torch set to travel down 5 inches but it stops once it finds the surface of the metal then backs off to torch height before firing. I hope this is helpful.

Yes! Helpful. Thanks for response.

You need to set the Torch in the holder so there is still available downward travel after the Torch touches the metal. This is essential for the proper operation of the initial height sensing system.

In terms of clearance height between cuts, that is set by the post processor at 1". You can’t change that unless you edit the post processor.


Thanks! Makes perfect sense. I’ve been slow to get up and running as finding and prepping the real estate in my shop is always a problem! Plus, here in Arizona it’s SOOOO hot ya just can’t work for very long! Catching up on needed knowledge on the site. Thanks again……

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