Torch Firing Nonstop!

Recently my machine started non shutting off in between cuts. Now the moment I turn on my plasma it’s firing. However if I unplug the CNC cable from the Crossfire it stops firing. Even with the Crossfire unplugged from power, if I plug the CNC cable in and turn the plasma on, the torch is firing.

I’ve already went thru my plasma cutter and it’s fine. The issue is somewhere with the Crossfire.


When did you order your CrossFire? About a year ago there was an issue with defective relays that would fail on and we switched to a different relay. If you post a picture of inside of your electronics we’ll be able to tell.

I purchased November of last year. I’ll post a picture in the morning but I’m assuming that’s the issue.

Was there a recall or notice sent out to owners about this issue then? Would’ve been nice to go ahead and fix the faulty controller then to avoid issues now. Worst possible time for it!

What’s the fix?image

Ok looks like you have the old relay. Send an email to support and we’ll get a replacement sent to you.

On it. Thank you!

Daniel ive had another issue.

Totally my fault here but when moving my machine i ripped the usb clean off the board.

Ive sent support and email to get this overnighted to me, but havent heard back. Hoping you could boost this along for me!


Ooops that hurts

I know right. Thank you 2020! The gift that keeps on giving all year!

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