Torch firing before it needs to

Order a new plasma cutter low frequency pilot arc but the torch turns on before I’m ready to cut. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Which new plasma cutter?

If you unplug it from the langmuir electronic enclosure does it stop firing?


I’m going to find that out in the morning

Yeswelder cut-65DS

Unplugged from the controller and this unit worked like a dream. Fires as soon as I press the trigger and stops as soon as I release it.

with everything unplugged and power off can you continuity at the barrel connector female side for the trigger on the electronic enclosure to see if that circuit is close. ( maybe the relay is stuck in the closed position.)

I will definitely go check this

Just checked and it’s working properly with the trigger

is it a open or closed circut?

With the trigger released it’s open

When you say “trigger” do you mean activating a firing command through FiireControl or physically pulling the trigger on the handle of your plasma torch.

Physical making the command myself

Ok set aside the plasma torch and can you do this test at the Langmuir electronic enclosure.

It’s an open circuit

with the test leads still on the connector.

now check it with the enclosure pugged in. Open or Closed?

now with the power switch on. Open or Closed?

open FireControl. Open or Closed?

test fire with FireControl. Open or Closed?

how is the on off connection made at your plasma cutter ?

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Went through the steps and also Langmuir helped me troubleshoot this said it was the torch fire relay sent me another relay…… does the same thing….I can disconnect the torch cable and jump it with a paperclip and it fires and turns off as it should it’s like something between the connector on the electronics box and the relay is not communicating

Let test the cable maybe the wires are shorted together?

with just the cable plugged into the plasma and the other not plug into nothing does it fire?

Or you could use a multi meter to make sure there is not an internal short of the cable itself.

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