Torch firing after program starts ( late)

Lincoln Pro Cut 55 - can I adjust the pierce delay in the Mach 3, before I run program? ( HAPPY NEWS YEAR YEWS ALL):+1:

You can edit the G code “*.TAP” file with notepad directly. There is a function in Mach 3 “Edit G-Code” but initially it won’t work since the install config file was from Windows NT.
There is a thread here explaining how to fix it in Mach 3

Here is some example G code. The line G4 P0.5 is the torch delay.

G4 P0.5
G1 Z0.125
G1 X8 F 80
G1 Y8
G1 X0
G1 Y0
G0 Z 0

The “M3” is Rotate Spindle basically fire torch “F5” on your keboard.
The “G4” mean dwell (wait) “P0.5” is the Dwell time 0.5 seconds in this case.
The “M5” near the end is spindle stop basically stop firing the torch.
The last line is “M30” Program end and rewind

I hope this helps. A touch more than you were asking.

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Thanks RICH, Gonna give it a try!

this is what i had to do for mine. its in a wired spot

go to config
ports and pins
spindle setup
general parameters
change cw delay spin up to 1 second worked for me

you may need to play with that number mine i tried 1.2 but it was to long