Torch fire wont stop

have the Crossfire with XL kit, THC and running Razorweld cut 45. System is brand new.


  1. Torch fire stays on at end of any cut and won’t stop. Hitting stop within firecontrol will not turn it off. I must physically power off the plasma cutter.
  2. Torch stops during programs either right at the start of cutting and just keeps firing through the metal and can not be shut down without powering down the plasma cutter.
  3. I tried to update firmware for THC but the link you give does not work. It is a dead link.
  4. When attempting to run a cut program I always get the Error: TORCH STARTED MOVING BEFORE CUTTING VOLTAGE WAS SENSED

Is the RW set for 2T?

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It is set to 4t

It needs to be on 2T

I see… Thank you for this info. I will try that.

UPDATE: I switched to the 2T mode and entered a longer pierce delay. Now it seems to be working.