Torch fire troubleshooting

New to the Crossfire world. I have a Crossfire XL with THC.
Ran 1st project and torch test fire performed as expected 3 times all good. G code also ran good thru entire code.
Second run i slowed torch speed down from 100 to 90 rescaled and ran torch test fire. Torch will only fire 1x. I reset, it fires 1x. I run g code it fires for first cut and will not fire for second cut. I reset and start on g code line for second cut and it cuts second cut fine and will not fire for third cut and so on.
Any suggestions?

What cutter and settings? whats the input PSI going into the cutter?

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I have the primeweld cut60. I was running on 240 VAC at about 35 amps 50-55 psi air cutting 16 gauge carbon steel

on the cut60, you need to set the psi dial about 5 psi higher than what you want it to be. so if you want it to be 55 psi, set it to about 60psi and toggle the SET AIR switch to see where the needle rests at. that’s your working psi.

cut chart is pretty accurate with a lil tweaking here and there but 55psi @ 29-30 amps is good for 16 gauge.


If your using a Machine torch set the flow to 65 and it will work fine for metal up to 3/8"

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Yes i am using a machine torch.
I’ll try it. It was pretty aggravating restarting after each cut completed. Thought it had to be something like that. My air may have been a little higher on the first run. Maybe thats why it worked.

Also make sure you have enough volume of air. what size is your compressor? HP?

What’s your pierce delay? Firecontrol does an odd thing where it makes the delay longer on the first pierce and subsequent pierces are at the programmed delay. Pierce delay being too short is usually the cause when it fires the first time, but not on subsequent cuts.